All you need is a Plan, a Map, and the Determination
to get to your Destination.



Launching Kingdom Capital

Head over to our discord and start your journey by joining our unique APES Kingdom.
Release the kingdom NFTs to IPFS host it on the Ethereum Blockchain! *And always refer to our main website for our official social media platform accounts.



Only the most active members of the community will have access to the presale. Participants can get a Great Apes Kingdom NFT at a better price than the Public Sale and obtain a unique Great Apes Kingdom NFT’s. 200 Great Apes Kingdom NFTs will be on sale.


Public Minting

This is the last chance to get a Great Apes Kingdom NFT. The remaining Great Apes Kingdom from the PRESALE will be on sale. Date to be announced. Don’t miss your chance to mint and become one of our kingdom Ape Be fast before the sold out.


30% Sale | Charity

2.5% of sales and 25% of the 5% royalties will be donated to humanitarian organizations in the areas chosen by our community of holders Charity will continue along the way to the 100% sale.


50% Sale Female Ape lunch | Rewards

Great Apes Kingdom holders will have the opportunity to benefit from our next lunch of our Great Female Apes while we welcome them to our kingdom. Each holders of two GAK or more have the priority to mint in super discounted price. Big Rewards will be given to legendary Great Apes Kingdom holders.


70% Sale | Metaverse

We will purchase land for the Great Apes Kingdom in the Metaverse, where we can host private events and make the first wedding ceremonies in the kingdom.


90% Sale | Breeding

Lunch of our great apes babies and welcome them to our kingdom, holders of 3 male and female or more, will have their babies for free. 


100% Sale | vision

Setup and prepare for our vision, hiring different expertise to join the team. more to be published in our social media plateforms. More than $500,000 will be invested in the development of the Great Apes Kingdom Vision to ensure the sustainability of the collection and the community.


Great Apes Kingdom..

As long as you own the NFT, you can use your GREAT APES KINGDOM NFT however you want! You own complete Intellectual property rights to the character.

You own complete Intellectual property rights to the character, however the use of the kingdom logo/ branding is limited, terms and conditions to be announced.

Public Mint 0.055 ETH
pre-Sale Mint 0.05 ETH
White list Mint 0.045 ETH

Always refer to our website,



Use the invitation link on GAK Website

Once minted or bought simply connect to your OpenSea account to view your NFTs. 

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